“May none of our children ever call a prison cell home.” Diana Vuolo, Founder, Executive Director

There is a large sector of our society that is imprisoned yet without bars – the children of prison inmates!

1 in every 28 children in the United States has a parent in prison.

These children are 70% more likely than other children and youth to be involved in juvenile or adult corrections themselves.

Trauma, forced separation from a parent, economic, social and emotional burdens are thrust into children’s lives when a parent is incarcerated. They become vulnerable to a host of situations which can leave them devastated and more likely to follow in their parent’s footsteps.

SWAN’s Goals and Objectives are to provide the following services free of charge to enrolled children:

  • Private music lessons
  • Ensemble training
  • Performance opportunities
  • Mentoring

SWAN offers children help and hope by giving them skills to scale their walls a note at a time.

SWAN is currently operating out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Austin, Texas.

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