One in every 14 children in the U.S. has a parent in prison. These children are 70% more likely than other children and youth to be involved in juvenile or adult corrections themselves.


Children who participate in music have a dropout rate 5x lower as compared with their peers and are 3x more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree.


As children succeed our communities will become safer, our culture will be preserved and uplifted, and our tax dollars will be redirected from incarcerating people to building a better society. The average cost of child incarceration: $148k/ year/ child.

“May none of our children ever call a prison cell home”

Music transforms children’s lives, placing them on a course towards success.

SWAN students learn to be disciplined, to work as a team, and to develop confidence. Through ensemble training children experience the power and joy of creating music together. They develop positive group identities and skills which help them excel in school and beyond.

Serving the community through performances enables students to experience the joy of giving and the value of caring for others. It encourages them to make positive life choices and to impact their communities for good.

We are supported mainly through individuals and foundations. Your dollars provide instruments and qualified music teachers who can offer life-changing intervention for at-risk children thus improving their lives, our communities, economy, and culture.

“I can sing without being judged.”

Omar, World Music Ensemble 2016



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Picnic & Performance at Long’s Park
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On July 25, our students met with SWAN Community Members at Long’s Park for a picnic and performance. All enjoyed a beautiful night with tasty food and great music! Our drummers started the performance and then joined the Silver Singers … Read More

SWAN Students Perform with Big Boy Brass
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Students from our summer program performed for the community at Prince Street Pop-Up Park on July 21st as part of Lancaster’s Music Friday festivities. Parents, grandparents, friends, and relatives were among those gathered to cheer the children on during their … Read More

Over 150 SWAN Heroes Perform on 10 Grand Pianos
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On June 3, over 150 piano students came together to be SWAN heroes as they bravely faced an audience of 800 to perform for a fundraising concert. The Lancaster Music Teachers Association held a Piano Extravaganza and placed 10 grand pianos … Read More