One in 14 American children has a parent who has spent time in jail or is currently behind bars. These children may experience the trauma of separation, abandonment, homelessness, and continued or deepening poverty. This often results in behavioral issues and substandard academic performance.


SWAN: Scaling Walls a Note at a Time is a support group for children affected by parental incarceration and provides free music lessons, ensemble training, performance opportunities and mentoring.

Why Music?

There is clear evidence of the beneficial effects of music education on academics, from improving cognitive and non-cognitive skills to boosting focus, language skills, and IQ. Music relieves stress, improves emotional awareness and social skills.

Music transforms children’s lives, placing them on a course towards success.

SWAN students learn to be disciplined, to work as a team, and to develop confidence. Through ensemble training children experience the power and joy of creating music together. They develop positive group identities and skills which help them excel in school and beyond.

Serving the community through performances enables students to experience the joy of giving and the value of caring for others. It encourages them to make positive life choices and to impact their communities for good.

How can you help? Your dollars provide our students with instruments, music lessons, performance opportunities, and mentoring

“I think we sounded great and can’t wait for the next performance!”

Blake, SWAN Camp Student 2018



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Encouraged and Blessed after an Extraordinary Week
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We are grateful for each of you who purposed to join us at SWAN’s annual gala in support of our students and are thankful for the safety of those who were able to come in spite of the storm. We enjoyed a memorable night together. Our … Read More

Student Performs at Woodmere Art Museum
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SWAN student, Bryanna, performed at the Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA for the Do-Gooders, an organization that generously supports SWAN’s mission. Bryanna shared her story and sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. It was a very special performance and we enjoyed … Read More